Crazy Taxi

Crazy taxi is a funny and exciting taxi racing game. There is no need to obey the traffic rules here, speed up frantically on the three runways, overtake other vehicles and reach the destination within the stipulated time, which means that this pass has passed and the next pass will begin immediately.

The game operation of Crazy taxi

Crazy taxi’s game is straightforward to operate. You can see three runways and your taxi when entering the game. Use the up key to accelerate it to run forward and the left and right direction keys to move in the direction, of course only on the runway. When there are other vehicles in front of you, you can’t bump into them and cause rear-end collision. You should press the space bar at a suitable distance to make it jump and jump over the car. If you are going to hit it, you can press the down key to slow it down.

The game features of Crazy taxi

On the whole, every level of crazy tax has a time limit, which is within 30 seconds. You need to reach a flag. Otherwise, it means failure. Music accompanies the whole racing phase, which will make you really blend in and feel happy together. After you finish each level, you will not let go but will continue to challenge. If it’s a pity that you can’t reach within the scope of practice, the game will let you save your name so that you can better challenge yourself later.

If you like to play driving games, if you want to challenge, you can choose to crazy taxi;  You will drive a taxi to run on the road. It must have enough observation and reaction power to jump over obstacles.  Once you get stuck once, you will waste more time and miss the chance to finish the sprint.  Or choose madalin stunt cars as the right choice, you will be able to select your favorite car here and use stunts to help race during running.

If you want an exciting game, survive io is the first choice, similar to the set of Jedi survival.  When you land, the tension of the game is on the verge of explosion. You must continuously collect resources to make yourself have enough capital to live to the end.  Become the last person, and you will win the game.  Or choose krunkerio, a first-person shooting game that pays great attention to your aiming power to kill your opponent successfully.

Mahjong is a casual elimination game that tests your observation. It would be best if you let the system automatically eliminate them.  After all, mahjong is eliminated; the next challenge can be started.